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In the Japanese Zen garden beautifully raked sand and carefully selected and placed stones and objects create a peaceful place for quiet meditation.
Creating a personal shrine or altar is in many ways just like that process. Selecting objects that have meaning to you and assembling them in a manner that pleases you. A personal shrine can fit in your pocket, hang on your wall, sit on a table, be permanent or temporary, and can be created inside or outside.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finding Time

Finding time to be creative.....It should be a priority but somehow that time gets so easily funneled into other areas the require attention. A newly diagnosed diabetic dog, spending time with of my incredible grandchildren, restoring a vintage airstream trailer and last but not least my new,low paid and somewhat boring job. My one wish right now is that I could figure out a way to make money and do something I really like. I guess we all dream about that.

This is the month to honor all Mothers and my thoughts are turning to a new shrine\altar for Mary. I love the sacred heart images of Mary in my collection and finding time to be creative is definitely moving up on my priority list.