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In the Japanese Zen garden beautifully raked sand and carefully selected and placed stones and objects create a peaceful place for quiet meditation.
Creating a personal shrine or altar is in many ways just like that process. Selecting objects that have meaning to you and assembling them in a manner that pleases you. A personal shrine can fit in your pocket, hang on your wall, sit on a table, be permanent or temporary, and can be created inside or outside.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm always amazed at how many talented people manage to make art everyday or at least write about making art in some fantastically beautiful and original art journal. Not me - I plan, pin and gather objects but when I walk into my art studio the distractions seem to be endless and IF  I have an artists muse she is napping behind a pile of small wooden boxes in the closet this last year.
I feel like I want to be constantly doing something totally different - watercolors, metal embossing, sewing maybe who knows????  Why is it that even when we find THE thing that makes us HAPPY TO DO we manage to find ways to avoid that very thing.  
I suspect that the creative soul is always searching for just a little bit more, afraid of becoming stale perhaps?